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Worm Bin Crystals

Worm Bin Crystals is introducing Worm Bin Crystals. 

 The crystals will not harm the environment. Our crystals can capture almost 200 times their weight in water. 

Worm Bin Crystals will absorb water and will release it back into the bedding or soil slowly, which will help eliminate drying of the worm bin, or potting soil.  Mix into your Red Worm/ European Night Crawler bedding, or right into your potting soil.  Also great for newly planted plants, flowers and trees in your yard.  Say goodbye to dried out bins, flowerbeds, and planters. 

Do you ever get home after a dry summer day to find your plants dried up and the soil rock hard?  Worm Bin Crystals will help stop that.   Just four tablespoons can absorb approximately 1 gallon of water!  No more run off.  Capture all that worm casting tea, and all those good nutrients.

  • Reduce your plant waterings
  • Reduce evaporation of moisture from the soil
  • Slowly releases water and nutrients back to the plants
  • Encourages deeper root penetration
  • Reduces hard compacted soil
  • Minimizes the schock of transplanting

    Beneficial to the Environment

    With an essentially neutral pH, Worm Bin Crystals super absorbent polymers will break down into nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water with no residual toxicity.

    Save on Water and Fertilizer

    Watersorb will reduce yourwatering needs and frequency in as much as 50% as well as retain help retain nutrients for plant use.

    How much water does it store and release?

    Research shows that our super absorbent crystals can release up to 95% of the water absorbed and make it available to the plant. 1 pound of Watersorb  can absorb 40 gallons of rain water and 31 gallons of tap water. 

    Use 4 Tablespoons per cubic foot of worm bin or soil space. 

    Also use in potting soil, castings in plant soild to stop plants from drying out.  Great if you cannot water everyday, or forget to water for a day or so. 

    Comes in 1 pound containers with directions for use. 

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