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Fruit Flies
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One container of fruit flies will make hundreds of flies.  Choose between Hydei and MelanogasterFree Shipping!!!  

All of our containers  will give you 100's of  flies or more in the life of the culture.   All of our flies come with a guarantee of live delivery.  We also send our flies with complete instructions for care of the flies and breeding.   Our Flies are great for feeding fish, frogs, small reptiles, Venus Fly Traps, aquarium fish, and more.  


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Fruit Flies The way they are sent to you fresh from our farm.

To raise your own flightless or wingless fruit flies requires little in the way of equipment.  Take a jar with a lid, and boil it to kill bacteria.   Make tiny holes in the lid so the culture will be able to breathe.  Take a cup of mashed potatoes, a tablespoon of sugar and a pinch of yeast.  Mix these ingredients, and then add water to the top of the dry mix.  Stir the mixture, and you have your cultures feed and bedding.  Now buy a vial of the fly you want to breed, and you will never need to buy flies again.

The mixture you make will be enough for a few cultures.   Try to use glass jars for the culture containers.  They are cleaner, and work better than plastic.  That's it!  Place your flies in the culture, and in a couple weeks you will have tons of maggots and flies.  Start each culture with 10-20 flies to ensure a large deposit of eggs in the substrate.  o