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Lobster Roaches
Lobster Roaches
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Live Lobster Roaches. Great for feeding reptiles. Lobster Roaches are full of nutrients that reptiles need and a taste that reptiles love!

  • EASY TO CARE FOR: Lobster Roaches require little care to thrive.
  • WHAT THEY EAT: Lobster Roaches will eat vegetable scraps, cat/dog food, bananas, and most fruits, carrots, cucumbers and more. Feed them a varied diet and they will grow up and breed quickly and often.
  • SIZE: Lobster Roaches grow 1 to 2 inches in length and about 1/2" to 1" in width. They can be kept in an aquarium or a plastic shoe box.? Make sure you have a lid because these little guys can crawl. We keep ours in Fresh Air Habitats that we also sell on this site.
  • WILL THEY BREED? Yes!!! A few can become many in a short while.
  • WILL THEY INVADE MY HOUSE? No. Lobster Roaches require heat and food to survive. They are not like pest roaches. They cannot survive in your home, especially if it gets cold out. This does not pertain to warm areas like Florida where they can survive!
  • ARE THE GOOD FOR MY PETS? Yes they are!! They are full of nutrients. Gut load or dust with the Gut Load we sell here and your pets will get the very best meal at a great low price!
  • DO LOBSTER ROACHES FLY? No! They have wings but cannot fly.
  • DO THEY LAY EGGS? No! Lobster give birth to their babies alive and walking!
  • DO THEY SMELL? No. They don't have any odor that I can smell, but I live on a worm farm!!!

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