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African Night Crawlers
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African Night Crawlers With Book

We have started production of African night crawlers again. We can only offer a limited number at we increase our stock. We are selling cups of 50 worms with the book Raising the African Night Crawler. These are fantastic worms that must be kept warm and out of the rain. Rain makes them crawl.The worms do not have any natural defense to the cold and will die if the temp falls below freezing.

This is an excellent compost worm and they will create castings for you in a volume that no other worm will. If you can compost indoors then try this worm. You can use shredded newspaper for bedding and food scraps as a supplement. We are really offering the worms as a sample with the book. The worms will lay capsules and will multiply in no time.

  • 50 African Night Crawlers with book. $19.95 Free Shipping!!
  • Cup of 50 worms without book $13.95 Free Shipping!
  • 100 African Nightcrawlers $19.95 Free Shipping!

ALSO COMING SOON:  African Nightcrawlers in various sizes up to nine inches long in bulk counts!  We will also have eggs, and castings.  Worm castings make the best organic fertilizer known!