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Sow Bugs/ Isopods
Sow Bugs/ Isopods
Get a Great Deal by Chosing the Combination, and Get Your Sow Bugs, Sow Bug Supper and Sow Bug Bedding for One Low Price!!:
These Sow Bugs are mixed and may contain  Armadillidium vulgare "Roly Poly's" as well as Porcellio scaber and even Atlantoscia floridanaSowbugs are also known as Rollie Pollies, Pillbugs, woodlice and Isopods. They are a great food for your reptiles and will help add variety. They easily live and thrive in a terrarium set up, and will help clean up your vivarium. Our Sow Bug Culture comes with bedding and a cup with some food. 
The sizes vary from 1/4"-1/2" in length.
Our Isopods are captive bred.  We do not harvest from the wild.  We house our Isopods in beds, with moss, and coir bedding and we feed them our Sow Bug Supper, which is a proprietary blend of ingredients that keep sow bugs happy and breeding. 

Isopods breathe through gills, so they do well in high humidity, under rocks or logs, in leaf litter, or crevices. Some species are nocturnal.They will also eat cardboard and love the occasional vegetable slice. They are easy to breed and care for.

30 Sow Bugs $15.95
Add Sow Bug Supper and our Sow Bug Bedding to your order for an additional $10.95, which is a $10.00 savings! 
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