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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your office hours? 

Our office hours are Monday through Thursday from 10 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time

I would like USPS shipping.  Can I get this? 

Yes.  We ship via USPS for hard goods, Mealworms, Superworms, Red Worms, European Compost Worms, Phoenix Worms and Wax Worms.  We do not ship via USPS for crickets unless requested.  We will also ship Hermit Crabs, and Frozen Mice Overnight.

Can I use worms outside to enrich my lawn/garden soil?  Red worms will not work in a garden or lawn.  They are compost worms and live in the upper 6 to 8 inches of compost.  Night crawlers are burrow dwelling worms, and they will live in your garden or lawn.  We carry European Night Crawlers, and they will populate your lawn and garden, but they need to be started in a bed of leaves or some other organic material.  They will slowly work their way into the lawn and garden.  

I live in a cold area.  Will my worms survive outside?  Yes.  Your worms will survive, but you will have to take some precautions.  The outside be deep enough so that you have 8 inches to a foot of bedding beneath the freeze line for your area.  The beds should also be covered with plywood and tar paper.  Feed the worms their last feeding about a week before your first freeze and then cover them for the winter.  A layer of straw between the bedding and the top will create a blanket.  The worms will migrate to the bottom of the bed, and will come back to the surface in the Spring.  

I live in a hot area.  Will my worms Survive?  Yes.  You will have to make sure the worms stay moist and cool.  Shade helps, and a cover will work well.  Water daily and turn the bedding often.  Hot and cold area do not preclude people from becoming worm farmers.  The weather can be an asset if you work with Mother Nature.

How do I build a worm bed?  Click here for plans for commercial and garden beds.

How do I care for Mealworms?  Click here.

Can I make money in the worm business?  It is really up to you.  Like all business nothing is handed to you.  You have to work at it, and market it.  People by jeans everyday, but I probably could just sell the farm and start making blue jeans.  You have to make a plan, have an idea about how you are going to market that plan and then go after it.  I don't want to scare people away, but I want them to know that in reality this business takes a great deal of work and time just as any other.  I work from 5am to about 10pm every night, but so does my cousin who is an attorney, and my aunt who runs a restaurant.  You can do it if you love it and are prepared to work.

How do I raise Crickets, Mealworms, Superworms etc.?  Please go to our forum located here  either I or some of our many regular visitors will answer you.

Can we come visit you or talk on the phone?  We used to do this but had to stop.  When we started to become successful the phone started ringing off the hook with people asking for advice and information on bin building, cricket growing and a ton of other stuff.  Some calls ran as long as one hour.  If I got 8 such calls per week all I was doing was talking on the phone or chatting with visitors.  I loved the contact, but never got my work done.  We now have people in the office that answer phones, take orders, and I still take questions via email.  Sorry for this, but you will never get your insects if I accepted all those calls and visits.  We get thousands of orders per week, and have to get those out or we have starving pets all across the nation.  Please still feel free to send your questions to me here. I will answer as time permits.