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Live Mealworms for Sale Free Shipping

Mealworms for Sale Mealworm Bedding and Bran for Sale Also.

Commonly asked questions about Live Mealworms:

What are live mealworms?
Mealworms are the larvae of the Darkling beetle.  They are commonly found in nature in organic matter like decaying logs and grass.  They are often an issue in graineries because their main food source is feed grain like bran.
Do Mealworm Beetles fly?
The darking beetle, which is the adult form of the mealworm does not fly but they do have wings.  You can keep them in a container without a lid and you will not have any issues.

Can this or that eat mealworms?
Mealworms are a favorite food or treat for many different pets and critters.  Chickens love mealworms. Nothing makes a newly hatched chick grow faster than gut loaded mealworms.

 Reptiles love live mealworms and are a staple of many reptile diets.  Mealworms are also a great bait.  Bluebirds are attracted to mealworms an will dine on them year after year in your back yard. 

Small rodents and sugar Gliders love mealworms also and will eat them tail first.  This is not for the squeamish.

How do I feed mealworms to my bluebirds?

There are actually live mealworm feeders for sale out there.  They usually have a roof and a smooth sided cup beneath the roof so that the worms can't crawl out.  You can easily make one and I'm working on mealworm feeder plans that I'll post here shortly. 
How do I care for Live Mealworms?
You can easily grow mealworms and breed mealworms so that you always have live mealworms available. Place your mealworms in a bin of some sort. Plastic works best because the worms can't climb out.  Give them cover your worms with an inch of bran and give the mealworm something to drink?  Potato slices work well.

Do Mealworms Bite or chew through reptile stomachs?
Mealworms do not bite people.  There are rumors that the occasional mealworm will chew through the stomach of reptiles.  I have been told that this is an old wives tale and have never had a customer comeback and tell me that this has happened.  We also have reptiles here on our farm that we keep as pets and taste testers.  They have never had a mealworm exit their body by chewing.  I have seen a mealworm exit as reptile poop though. :-)

Do mealworms need something to drink?

Mealworms do need to drink.  If you want mealworms to eat and breed you must give them something to drive or your live mealworms will become dead mealworms.  I'm sure you want mealworms that are lively and active. The best thing to give them to drink is a slice of potato or a slice of cucumber.  Change the slice daily so that it doesn't rot or mold the mealworm bedding.

How to I stop mites from invading my mealworm bin?

The best way stop stop pesky mites from invading your mealworm cultures is to make sure you keep the mealworm's bedding dry.  Mold and humidity will help mites thrive.  We've found that mite issues often happen around June when it gets warm and humid.  Dry heat and dry bedding is key.  Place all bedding in the freezer for a few days prior to using.

Mealworms are a great food for feeding reptiles, Blue Birds, pets and for fishing. We grow our mealworms in a clean, dry environment to ensure a quality, pest free product. Mealworms make great reptile food, and is a great source of food to draw wild birds like Blue Birds to your yard. Pets also love our worms.  


Caring for mealworms is simple. Place the worms in about an inch of mealworm bedding, also known as wheat bran, which you can get here. You can also use whole wheat flour. Give the worms a slice of potato for moisture or use our cricket water which works very well with mealworms. That's all you have to do. The worms will live, pupate into beetles and even breed like this. If you would like to keep them at a certain size then you will have to refrigerate them. Keep them in some bedding in the refrigerator. Remove them for a couple hours every four days or so and give them a slice of potato or cricket water. That's it! Check out our forum for more information on growing, breeding and selling mealworms.


We also have a meal worm breeding system that you can use to grow your own mealworms.