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Note: Coir is a great alternative to peat moss or other worm bedding. Mix in instead of peat. For instance, if you were doing 50% peat and 50% manure for bedding then do 50% Coir and 50% manure. I have found that it works well and in environmentally friendly because it does not deplete peat bogs. Click on the picture for more information. Scroll down if you want regular peat based worm bedding available from

Worm Man's Compost Worm Bedding

Name: Worm Man's Compost Worm Bedding
Your Price:
$19.99 is introducing its premium worm bedding. The worm bedding is a mixture of finely chopped organic matter created exclusively for home composting. Just add one quart of water per pound of bedding. Add water slowly. Distilled water, rain water, or tap water that has been allowed to sit a day is best.

Great for Night Crawlers, Composting Worms, and salt water worms like blood worms, clam, and sand worms.

If using for salt water bait, use sea water at the same ratio of that you would for fresh water listed above (one quart of sea water per pound of bedding).

For best results, mix in equal amounts of shredded newspaper or bedding that has been soaked in water.

Your worms will love our bedding!!

Shipped via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days)

32 Ounces $15.55 Delivered!

Bedding Size:

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