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Spikes are a worm used as a fishing bait.  This is one of the best baits we carry for pan fishing.  We get rave reviews about the plump, wiggliness of our bait worms and this is one tops the list. Spikes are maggots. They are most widely used for Kokanee (land-locked salmon), whitefish, perch and other pan fish. The larvae is a meat fly, commonly known as the Blue Bottle fly, approximately 3/4" in length.Spikes are one of the best baits available, and many reptiles love them when they are dusted with a good quality gut load. Delivered! They are about 3/4". Available Spring, Winter and fall when temperatures are cool. Keep refrigerated for longevity. If refrigerated they will not change and will stay a worm form a long time.
Great bait for Pan Fish and Trout. Stores 4
to 8 weeks at 35 degrees.

It is too warm to ship spikes at this time. We will have them again when the weather turns cool/cold. Thank you!

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