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Worm Starter Kit
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Worm Starter Kit
Start your own worm farm the simple and inexpensive way.  Worm castings(Worm poop) are the best fertilizer known to man.  Worm castings don't pollute the way chemical fertilizers do.

With this kit:

  • Make all of your own natural fertilizer
  • Grow your own bait
  • Compost all of your food scraps
  • Compost your shredded newspaper, cardboard and office paper
  • Help keep our planet clean
  • Grow vegetable with the best garden soil nature has ever made.
Our kit comes with:
  • 100 Red Worms (Eisenia Fetida).
  • Limestone to correct pH imbalances
  • Worm Man's Worm Food
  • A pH meter
  • Instructions for turning 100 worms in thousands of worms.  Also instructions on setting up your worm bin with household materials.  Check out of Video on How to Build a Worm Bin from Wal-Mart for $4.46.
Shipping is free!!!

This special won't last long.  We are doing it to blow out a truckload of pH meters we purchased.