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Breeding Superworms


The scientific name for the Superworm is zophobas morio. The Super worm is also known by another common name, Kingworm. Superworms are used for feeding reptiles, birds, and for bait. They take much longer to pupate than the mealworm. Superworms do not require refrigeration, AND SHOULD NOT BE REFRIGERATED! Refrigeration will kill the Superworm. Reptiles love this worm

How to raise super worms.

Many people ask me how to breed this worm. It is difficult, but it can be done. The Superworm requires bedding. We have found that wheat bran bedding works best. We also use some chicken egg layer mash ( common poultry mash) as an additive in the bedding. This mix in bedding makes the worms grow large. Some commercial growers also use brewers yeast so that the worms will put on size quickly. We do not do that.? We believe that the yeast does put on size quickly, but that the worms are not as healthy as they are when we grow them out naturally at their own pace.

Once you have found the bedding you will need a container. For the small hobbyist a Rubbermaid container will work well. A ten gallon bin will hold three hundred worms nicely. The bedding mix should be placed on the bottom of the bin. 1 to 4 inches of bedding is fine. Place the worms on the bedding, and they will quickly disappear.

The worms will eat the bedding, but do require a great deal of moisture for drinking. This is the dilemma. The worms need the water, but too much water will get into the bedding, and the bedding will ferment. The fermentation will create a nice home for bacteria, and this will kill the worms. We have found that if we use potato, and/or apple slices that we have had the best result. The worms drink from the slices, and the bedding stays dry.

CAUTION: The worms will devour each other if they do not have moisture for drinking. Can you imagine that? You're on a train, and the guy next to you gets thirsty, so he bites into you and sucks the moisture from your body. Anyway, keep them with something to drink.

The Superworms require warmth. Room temperature in a heated house is fine for keeping the worms, but they need 70 degrees and up to breed. The worms will not breed in the worm stage. The must become beetles to breed. The must morph into beetles. The worms will first go through the pupae stage. Here is what it looks like. Superworm Pupae

The worms will pupate, and become beetles.? Here is a picture of a beetle.Superworm Beetle

How do we get them to pupate?? Tricky, but it can be done.? The best way is to separate the worms.? They will morph if placed under stress.? We have found that if you take the worms and place them in a film container with a little bran and Cover the container with a cap the worms will pupate in a couple weeks. Check back every week. The worms will curl up, which is good. This means they are morphing.? If they are straight and still they are dead. Keep checking until they morph into pupae, and then into beetles. When they become beetles place them into a bin with bran, and slices of potato. When the beetles die in a few weeks remove them, and leave the bin in 70 plus degree warmth. The new worms should be visible in about a month or two after the death of the beetles. Repeat as you wish.

You can buy your superworms from usm, or our Super Worm breeding kit!

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